The Physical Church is Closed

We have no doubt that absence for a time will make all of us appreciate more deeply everything we love about SJPBC. Once we get through this and are able to assemble once again, Lord willing, we will be even more committed to the ministries of the church and to each other. Thus, until we can assemble together again – either as small homegroups or back at 178 Humphries Rd – let us use this time of separation to cultivate our love and affection for one another. What we do not want to do is mask the longing that we feel for each other with artificial substitutes. In fact, on-line services may mask the real reason why we go to church.

Let me close with a quote by Mark Dever: “do not slake your thirst for God’s best with some cheap substitute. Experience the thirst. Pray that God hone the longing that it creates in you”. That’s our prayer. Will it be yours?

Upcoming Events

Nothing from June 2, 2020 to June 7, 2020.

Where to find us


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