Youth Ministries


  • SJPB Youth is a weekly ministry within the life of the church that meets every Friday at 6:30 pm till 9:15 pm. The goal of this ministry is twofold: to come alongside parents and support them in instructing the Word of God to their teenagers, and to have those from the community come to a knowledge of God and put their faith in Him.

The night begins with some sport and games and then we have some food, which is a great opportunity for new people to get to know the group. We then have a Bible talk, which is followed by discussion groups. This allows everyone to think through what they have heard in order to personally apply it.

The leadership of the SJPB Youth are committed to the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus and strongly believe in the sufficiency of the Bible. History shows that every past generation has experienced the curse and ramifications of a fallen world. Sin not only destroys our lives, it severs our relationship with God. Turning over a new leaf or mending personal ways will have no eternal benefit, therefore here at SJPB Youth we labour to see God grant saving faith to people so that they may be forgiven through the world’s only Saviour, Jesus Christ.

If you desire to find the truth, know your Creator and have your slate wiped clean, please come and join us here at SJPB Youth!

For any enquiries,

See Ed Tupu

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